What Kind of Drink You Should Buy Her

Buying a woman a drink from across the bar is an easy way to signal your interest, so you’ve probably been tempted to do it on numerous occasions. It’s simple, it’s clear, and there is really no room for mistaking it. However, it isn’t always so easy to decide what kind of drink to buy her to begin with. What drink you buy her can say a lot about you, so you want to choose carefully and consider your options before committing to any one choice. You don’t want to give her the wrong impression with your choice, after all.

Sticking to the Basics

“Any drink with low alcohol content is fine”

It might be best to send her a simple drink that mostly everybody can enjoy. This means that there’s little room for error, but it also means that she might think you’re not very creative. Sending over something simple might be just enough to get her attention, but that doesn’t mean it will help you hold her attention. Of course, this is probably the best option if you aren’t very familiar with drinks and you don’t want to mess up, so don’t dismiss it right out of hand. If you don’t know what the drink is, or if you wouldn’t drink it yourself, don’t bother sending it over to her. It will not make the impression that you want it to, more often than not.

Sending Her Your Favorite

“She may like your bold approach”

Sending a woman your own favorite drink can be a bold move. She might hate it, or she might love it. She may just be indifferent to it. Either way, it can be a great icebreaker and conversation starter if she wants to know what it is that you just sent over to her. It can definitely help you get her more familiar with you, if nothing else, and it will show her that you’re not afraid of making a bold move. If you know that your favorite drink is not a particularly popular drink with most people, you may want to reconsider this option and try just sending her something a little bit more accessible and common. You don’t want her to completely hate the drink, after all, which is something that could easily happen if you send over your own favorite.

Letting Her Choose the Drink

This requires a slightly more hands on approach, but it can be worth it. Letting the woman pick her own drink and just paying for it doesn’t have quite the mystique that ordering it from across the bar does, but you know it will not go wrong due to her hating the drink you picked. If you don’t mind getting a little bit more up close and personal with her, offer to buy her a drink and let her pick what she wants. While this is a classic move, it plays it safe while still being bold in a way, since you had to go up to her in order to ask her to begin with. Give it a shot, at the very least.


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