What Makes a Good Sex Playlist

Some would argue that playlists are dying, but in the age where you can have machines build custom radio stations for you based on your selections taking the time to think of particular songs and meanings still has value. If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, a sex playlist is definitely the way to go. Here’s some pointers if you want to take your time in bed from basic to booming.

Builds During Foreplay

"Try to set the right tone with right music during foreplay"

“Try to set the right tone with right music during foreplay”

Your playlist should start playful, cheerful, and slow. You want to work your way up to things, so you should figure on fifteen minutes of foreplay music. You get her in the mood a little bit, set the stage, and turn on the playlist. Then you can follow the beats of the music to tell you what to do. It normally takes ten to fifteen minutes of foreplay for a woman to be aroused enought to enjoy sex, and generally the longer you’re taking the better. The music during this part should slowly quicken in tempo and brighten in tone until you change over to the sex portion of the sex playlist.

Songs with Tempo Changes

The best thing to have for the sex portion of your playlist isn’t great drum solos or the scientifically designed perfect number of beats per minute. What you really want is tempo changes within one song. Even if you’re going in for a long haul sex session and you work hard to make it last, it’s not going to take forever. If you have songs that have a mixture of a quick, driving rhythm with slower stretches you can pace yourself to them and make the sex last longer just through association.

No Downer Songs

"Music gives a boost to do more"

“Music gives a boost to do more”

Most of the time it doesn’t really matter what the song is actually about. You’re not going to be paying that much attention to the words. If you’re doing things right, neither will she. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb don’t include any real downer songs in the mix. You don’t want lyrics about someone dying interrupting the mood, and if it’s a popular song some of the meaning is going to carry on even when you’re not really thinking about it. Just do yourself a favor a stick to sexy or angry songs, as these have the best rhythms and the energy of the music can easily be transferred to you.

Short Songs

In general, this playlist probably isn’t going to be longer than half an hour or forty-five minutes. That’s not a terribly long time. If you want to pack in the most musical variety you should try to pick songs that are on the short side. The change between songs is a good cue to change things up when you’re having sex or are just starting out for foreplay. The most songs you fit in the more exactingly you can control the mood of the playlist, so fit in as many little intros as you can.

A sex playlist can take your sex from average to stellar, so take the time to sit down and really work on it. You’ll enjoy the rewards later!


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