What Women Look for in a One Night Stand

It’s fairly easy for you to figure out what you want out of a one night stand. After all, you’re the one going out and picking up women based on what you want. You want an attractive woman who might be willing to get a bit freaky in bed, and definitely a woman who has no qualms with hooking up with someone she just met. This seems simple enough. However, women have their own standards when it comes to choosing who to hook up with. Knowing what a woman looks for when she wants to have a one night stand will help you be more appealing to a wider range of women.

She Wants You to Be Trustworthy

“Trust is the key to happiness”

It is important that a woman views you as being trustworthy. This is probably so far removed from your mind when you go to pick up women that it may be mindboggling that women consider this at all. If it seems that odd to you, just think about it. She’s choosing to go home with a guy she barely knows. That requires a big level of trust. It’s important that you make her feel at ease when you try to hook up with her. She has to trust you in order to take you home with her or to go home with you. Being a trustworthy and genuine guy is a huge step towards getting women to have a one night stand with you. Just show her that you’re not a creep and you are well on your way towards hooking up.

She Wants a Good Lay

Just like you want to hook up with a woman who will be good in bed, women also want to make sure that the guy they hook up with will be a good lay. This isn’t something you can prove to her for sure until you are actually in bed together, but there is a way that you can make her feel at ease about her decision even before you’re in between the sheets. Acting confident and self-assured is a great way to make her feel like you will be a worthwhile lay. Don’t lay it on too thick or she might think that you’re actually a douche, but having the right level of confidence can be seriously sexy to women.

She Wants You to Be Exciting

“Are you as excited as her?”

No woman wants to hook up with a guy who’s boring and vanilla. Be exciting and you stand a much better chance of attracting women. Take risks and go out of your comfort zone. Try plenty of new things, and make sure that the women you are meeting know you’re willing to try new things. The more exciting you seem, the more charismatic and charming women will think you are. If you excite her, you stand a fairly good chance of getting to go to bed with her. Don’t be boring or plain, since you won’t attract any women this way. It might take some effort, but getting out of your comfort zone will definitely help.


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