What Your Hairstyle Says about You

Every guy knows that appearance is everything when you want to hook up with the woman of your dreams in your current favorite bar. You have to make a good impression, and that means looking good enough to catch her attention. Your hairstyle is one of the first things a woman is going to notice about you, and what you’ve done with your hair can say a lot about you that you may have never even thought about. You may want to reconsider getting the Bieber bowl cut, after all. Read on to find out what women really think about your hairstyle.

You’re Boring or You Lack Creativity

If you have a typical crew cut or military haircut, chances are that women are going to think you’re boring. Almost every guy has had a haircut like this at some point in his life, and women are tired of seeing it. Maybe you don’t want to grow your hair out and be the next Fabio, but you should still try something with a bit more creativity if you really want to attract women. While not all women will think this way, it’s not always a conscious thought process. She may just not be impressed by your hairstyle and she may turn to the guy who has a more interesting look going for him. If you think your hair is boring, chances are very good that she will think that it’s boring too. It may be time to branch out and try something new.

You’re Full of Yourself

“It shows how creative you are”

Having the wrong hairstyle can make women think you’re full of yourself. If you spend hours in front of a mirror preening and primping your hair to perfection, you may want to reconsider the style. Pompous hairstyles are usually pretty obvious to spot, and women are definitely going to take notice, just not in a good way. It may seem completely bizarre to you that she would judge based on your hairstyle, but it happens more often than you might think. If you would scoff at someone with your own hairstyle, you may want to consider getting a different kind of trim to save yourself some trouble and attract more women with your new look.

You’re Trying Too Hard

“Don’t put all the efforts in styling your hair”

Following trends or just trying too hard to have a unique hairstyle can leave a bad impression on the women you want to impress. You may think you look great, but you might actually just look terrible, and it can usually be pretty obvious to women who are keeping an eye out for it. Trying too hard is never an attractive trait and if your hairstyle is too obviously unique in a bad way, she will notice. Stick to something a bit more subdued while still being unique. Your hairdresser should be able to tell you what will look good on you, so never try and follow the current trends. They often don’t look good on anyone, but they just gained popularity so quickly that nobody thinks to question it.


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