Why Your Profile Pictures Are Driving Her Away

Having the right profile pictures on your dating profile goes a long way when it comes to getting women to talk to you and respond to your messages. Ultimately, it has a big effect on your chances at hooking up. It’s not always easy to know what makes a good profile picture. Chances are that your profile pictures may actually be driving women off instead of attracting them to you. This can really suck, especially since you may not even be getting a chance to talk to the women you’re interested in. knowing how to have better profile pictures will help you pick up more women.

They’re Too Blurry

“She won’t show any interest”

If your profile pictures look like they were taken from beyond a veil of Vaseline, women aren’t going to want to message you, ever. It’s important that your profile pictures give women a good idea of what you look like. After all, you probably wouldn’t message a woman if she didn’t have any good quality pictures on her profile. It makes you look sketchy and even possibly fake, so it’s important to have clear, crisp pictures for your profile. If you have no way to take good pictures yourself, you may want to consider having some pictures taken professionally. Sure, it will cost some money, but it’s definitely going to be worth it in the end to have good pictures on your profile.

You Look like a Douche

“You do look like a douche”

Taking the wrong kind of profile picture can make women leave your profile faster than they can even read it. If you look like you’re stuck up or full of yourself, chances are that women are not going to view it favorably. Having your main profile picture be the one picture you took with a spray tan and muscle shirt is probably not going to help. Take pictures of yourself as you normally are, because it shows you in your natural state. If you try to put on some kind of act or make yourself look like someone else, she will probably be able to tell. Try not to go out of your way to look skinnier or buffer than you really are, since this is usually obvious. Go with what you’ve got to begin with and just accept that some women are not always going to be interested.

It Doesn’t Show Enough or It Shows Too Much

If your profile picture is only a headshot, chances are that it’s not going to be good enough for her. It’s better to have a picture that shows more of your body so that she can get a look at what you really look like. However, you don’t want to have a profile picture where you’re half naked. If you show too much, it can be just as bad as showing her too much. Find a classy way to show off your body without flashing her, since it ruins some of the mystery. A regular photograph that shows most of your body is a great way to attract women.


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