Laughing Your Way to the Emergency Room: How to Get Past Bedroom Mishaps

Not everything can go perfectly smoothly, and that’s normal. You don’t need to be afraid of a few mishaps. Online dating is sometimes more about quantity when trying to find that perfect sexy lady. This means you’ll have some duds, and you’ll probably be a dud yourself every once in a while.

You just have to laugh.


Accidents and embarrassments can happen in the bedroom, just as much as they can happen everywhere. It doesn’t mater how religiously you read about adult dating tips.

While you might have gone out of your way to read about an amazing sex tip, it might just not work for the two of you. If you can’t pull it off, that’s not your failure; it’s just another accident.

You have to learn to move past it with a laugh. She’s going to be a lot happier if you do, and you will as well, so keep that in mind and relax when it comes to bedroom antics.

Learn from your mistakes.

Girl Crawling in Lingerie


You can’t let those little mishaps bruise your ego too badly. If you laugh it off, just try to learn from what you messed up last time and don’t think too long and hard about it.

Chances are, she’s not going to remember it later, either. With that in mind, you can both relax and just have fun by the end of it all, which is the ultimate goal, of course.

All in all, you really want to be able to have fun and not struggle through every single night together. If you can just relax no matter the mistakes, you’ll probably be fine.

Just try not to do it again.

All in all, your mistakes aren’t going to be a big deal if you can learn from them and fix them later on. She’s not going to care so long as you don’t keep messing up.

Once you can master a certain thing, you’re golden. Those mistakes that you’ve thought of will be in the past, and there’s nothing out there that’s going to be able to stop you.


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