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The site's admins have filled the place with fake profiles to try and lure in unsuspecting men and get their membership fees. It's a sleazy, scammy outfit at this place. is a site that kind of gifts us nightmares. This all stems from the fact that it honestly just doesn’t know what it’s doing, and that means a whole lot of disaster.

It doesn’t care, either.

At some point, the owners decided that AmateurMatch scams would be a thing. They decided that would be a great thing to boost numbers, first and foremost, and that’s all this site is now.

sex dating scam alert image

These scams also prominently feature a lot of boobs and butts which, predictably, does very little for any women that want to join up this site. Our AmateurMatch review proved this.

These AmateurMatch scams might all be fake profiles, but they really bog down the site. It’s obnoxious, and of course, no one real is intent on hanging around here.

It’s just useless.

This site, other than those scams, is empty. It makes for a really crappy environment that just wastes your time, and really doesn’t get you laid at all on this site.

While the fakes are just fakes, and not scam bots looking to steal your money, the site itself is obviously after your money by lying to your face like that. It’s just not good.

overlay img AmateurMatch

The skeevy business practices are bad enough, but we’re mostly just annoyed that this site won’t get you laid. It’s not worth a single moment of your time, that’s for sure.

Our Score on Using

We ended up spending a total of four months on our AmateurMatch review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It wasn’t good.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up receiving a grand total of 30 responses. This really was pathetic, and proved our point in every single way about this site.

From those 30 responses, we didn’t have a single woman that wanted to meet up with us. This was really sad, but not exactly something we didn’t expect from this site.

There’s nothing good about this site. The scams and fakes just make it impossible to use, and that means that you’re completely wasting your time on here.

We absolutely couldn’t stand it, and that’s why you just need to drop this one and ignore it. It’s not a good site, and it’s not going to get you laid, so what even is the point?

Why Is A Waste of Cyberspace

The fakes on this site are what have completely killed it, and there’s not even any point to it. You’d think they’d just advertise more so that they didn’t have to do that, but nope.

Instead, fakes.

This site tried to put up fakes to boost their numbers, but it backfired immensely. No one has been joining since that decision, and we can’t say that we’re surprised at all.

This site is just stupid and a really big waste of time. When those fakes kept multiplying, they didn’t think it was bad thing. After all, it made their ‘ratio’ higher, didn’t it?

This is just a waste of your time and it’s really not going to get you laid, so turn around and don’t look back. There’s absolutely nothing on this site for you at all, and we’re sure of that. in the News

There are a lot of great sex toys out there, and this article helps way more than ever will:

Knowing where to hide your sex toys can be important, so check out this article, as it will help more than will: Review: Should You Try This Place for Sex Dating?

We couldn’t stand, and that’s because it’s a complete waste of your time and energy. Definitely skip this one, because we’re not recommending it at all.

It’s not good.

Sites that rely on fakes to look busy and boost their numbers aren’t good at all, and this site really proves that as far as we’re concerned. There’s just nothing good about it.

It’s a wasteland, in fact. Trying to find real women on this site really isn’t going to happen, and that’s something we realized very early on in our review of this hellhole.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, It really does the job that we want it to do, and fakes just aren’t a thing on that site.

It’s a great site, and that’s why it’s our number one. The numbers don’t lie, and it really gives us the fun and excitement that we want from our dating sites.

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t It Make the Top 5 For Sex Dating?”

  1. Lynx Chicken

    My friends really wanted me to review, but I don’t touch these sites. They’re full of viruses and scams.

  2. Don’t trust this site. It’s way more expensive than the other ones anyway, so you’re not missing out on much.

  3. Silver Agent

    This site is a really well known scam, so keep that little nugget in mind when you want to join.

  4. All these legit sites are hard to find, so I have to do a lot of research before I join

  5. I don’t know why I thought that this site was going to be good, but I’m pretty damn disappointed rn.

  6. Charlotte Ruthless Sangre

    I think I’m going to test out other sites. I haven’t had any luck in my time on so far.

  7. I want to give this site a horrible rating so people know that it’s a total load of crap. Don’t join it!

  8. Joey Yellow

    I think the review sites from 2014 have the right idea condemning this site for being shitty. It deserves it.

  9. I want to try using to get back into the dating scene, but I’m just not sure if it’s good.

  10. Josh Roadman

    Steer clear of sites like this if you want to actually be successful at online dating. They don’t work at all.

  11. Craw Furious

    Go ahead and review if you feel like wasting your time on a fake site. I mean, it’s your life.

  12. Comparison sites are better than this one. Do you know how SAD that is? I mean, what the fuck even.

  13. Massive Sleepy Fox

    I was so worried that this site was going to be a scam. Man, I hate it when I’m right.

  14. I’ve heard people say that isn’t legit, but it looks pretty okay to me. I might sign up anyway.

  15. Ernesto Highlands

    I wanted this site to be good, but I’m pretty disappointed that it turned out to be as shitty as it is.

  16. Rough Pink Puppy

    My test run of was horrible. It kept crashing my computer and then I got a ton of spam.

  17. Rating this site is easy for me because I just give it the lowest rank possible and move on with my life.

  18. Small Dreaded Shadow

    I think review sites from 2014 know what they’re talking about. This site is total crap, people should know that.

  19. I’m not used to dating sites?is this a good one? The name makes it sound like it’s pretty bad.

  20. Lucien Campbell

    I am so fucking sick of sites like this. They don’t work. They either shut down randomly or they’re scams.


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