Why Sex with Fat Women is Great

“She is ready to explore and impress” Having sex with a fat woman can give you some of the best sex you will ever have. Many men try to stay away from dating fat women because they are worried about what other people will say. However, if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t care what society has to say about the type of people you date, you will quickly discover why dating fat women is a fantastic idea. They Are More Willing to Experiment There’s just something about fat women that sets them apart from other women, and it has nothing to do with their weight. Sex with fat women is great because most of them are more willing to experiment with you when it comes to sex. Slim and athletic women know that they look good, and they want to always look good even when they are having sex. Fat women are aware that society has negative views of their appearance, so they won’t care as much about being beautiful while the two of you are having sex. This means that they will be more than willing to try new sexual conquests with you. Another great thing about fat women and sexual experimenting is that they are soft.…

What Women Look for in a One Night Stand

It’s fairly easy for you to figure out what you want out of a one night stand. After all, you’re the one going out and picking up women based on what you want. You want an attractive woman who might be willing to get a bit freaky in bed, and definitely a woman who has no qualms with hooking up with someone she just met. This seems simple enough. However, women have their own standards when it comes to choosing who to hook up with. Knowing what a woman looks for when she wants to have a one night stand will help you be more appealing to a wider range of women. She Wants You to Be Trustworthy “Trust is the key to happiness” It is important that a woman views you as being trustworthy. This is probably so far removed from your mind when you go to pick up women that it may be mindboggling that women consider this at all. If it seems that odd to you, just think about it. She’s choosing to go home with a guy she barely knows. That requires a big level of trust. It’s important that you make her feel at ease when you try to hook up with her. She has…

Is She Serious About Getting Laid

Women love to give off mixed signals when it comes to dating and sex. Some women will flat out tell you that they want to get laid, but these women come few and far between. Most women rely on you to guess whether or not they are interested in you and sometimes it can be pretty tricky. However, if you know the signs to look for, finding out if she wants to have sex with you can be easy. She Wants to Meet You Sooner Rather than Later “You will know when she starts to miss you” Most men know that when you meet a woman on sex dating website, half of the time she never actually wants to meet up with you. Women are infamous for leading men on. They flirt with you via messages, but when it comes to talking on the phone or meeting in person, they suddenly disappear. When a woman isn’t serious about wanting to have sex with you, you should continuously make up excuses for meeting up with you. Women who do this are only looking for online companionship when they are bored and nothing more. If you meet a women online who is actually willing to meet you in person, the chances of…

How to Get Laid Quickly

“Impressing her will make you successful” Getting laid quickly is easy. All you really have to do is make a woman want you. You do this simply by charming her in ways that most men fall flat on. The best of this is that charming women is actually pretty easy. All it takes it confidence and sense of humor. Say the Right Things “Saying the right things will make her interested” More often than not, men blow their chances with women by saying something that turns them off completely. If a woman is attracted to you, she already wants to have sex with you. This means that you have passed your first test, which is grabbing her attention. The second test you will have to test is the communication test. Though there are a few women who couldn’t care less what you say or what type of personality you have, most women actually do care about those things. In fact, most of them care about them enough where they will decide not to have sex with you if they don’t like your personality, or the things that you say when speaking with them. Whether you’re messaging a woman on a sex dating site, or you’re talking to her at a…

A Guide to Fisting

Fisting is obviously a fairly extreme sex act that involves a lot of trust and a lot of patience. It’s not always easy to know how to get a woman in to the idea of fisting, much less knowing how to actually do it. It’s not exactly something you can do right off of the bat, so you need to know how to do it properly. While fisting does take some time and effort, it will definitely be worth it in the end, at least so that you can say you tried it out. Of course it is important to know how to fist properly so that you can make the experience as good as possible for all parties involved. Take It Slow “Have patience” The important thing about fisting is that you always need to take it slow. Fisting is not something to rush, so if you’re particularly impatient then you need to decide on something else to try. It’s important to prepare her very carefully and go slowly. Fisting is almost like a sport that you have to practice for. You need to make sure that she is prepared properly, or else you’re not going to get anywhere. Take it slow and start out with a few fingers…


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