Three Ways to Boost Your Odds of a Threeway

A three way is high on the list for most popular fantasy. Two women, one man, what could be better than that? If you feel like you’d love to see your girlfriend in the arms of another woman, then there are three things you can do that will dramatically raise your odds of turning this fantasy into a dream come true. Follow these and hope that you’ll get to be the envy of your friends and men worldwide. Consider an Open Relationship If you like the idea of seeing your girlfriend in a threeway, why not just have an open relationship altogether? You wouldn’t have to worry about the rules of a threeway, and you could see other people as well. If you want strangers in your sex life to be a regular thing, then you should consider asking your girlfriend to be open. The catch, of course, is that if you’re open then she’s open. If you wouldn’t be okay with her having another boyfriend (or steady girlfriend) outside of you, then you should just skip this conversation. It’s never going to go well if you want different rules for her than there are for you. Join a Kink Dating Site You have a better chance of getting a…

Things She Views as Insulting That You Don’t Even Think About

Nothing is worse than insulting a woman on accident and making her throw her drink in your face. This may have never happened to you, but it can certainly happen if you say the wrong thing and insult her badly enough. Obviously, this is not going to help your chances at hooking up at all, so it’s important to know how to avoid insulting her when you think you’re being complimentary. Things that insult women aren’t always obvious to guys, so keeping an eye out for the following things will help you avoid sticking your foot in your mouth or really upsetting her. Talking about Her Weight or Figure “She hates being discussed on such topics” You should know by now that you should never talk to a woman about her weight or make comments about her figure. You may think you’re complimenting her, but it’s much more likely that she is going to take it as an insult, and a big one, at that. Stay far away from comments about her weight, even if she brings it up first. Find a way to remove yourself from the topic and move on to something that’s a little less reminiscent of a minefield. There are just way too many ways this…

How to Use a Vibrator on Her During Sex

If you want to take your hookup to the next level, get a mild vibrator. You can easily get a cheap one, and from there the possibilities are endless. The advantages of a cheap vibrator are that it doesn’t pack enough of a punch that you have to worry about making things too intense. If you’re at a loss for how to pleasure her with a vibrator, these suggestions will take her to the next level and keep her coming back for more. Use Short Pulses over Nipples and Lips If you want to turn her on you don’t even have to go straight to the vagina or clit. Vibrators are great as foreplay tools. She’ll get hotter and wetter than ever, and you won’t have to expend a lot of energy getting her that way. It’s a win-win situation. When you’re using the vibrator as a foreplay technique, you can apply it to her lips first, lightly, for a stimulating kiss. For you, seeing her with a phallus so close to her mouth has got to be good. You can keep the burst short and energetic, and the touch light to make it exciting instead of overpowering. Applying the vibrator to her nipples (through a shirt works as well,…

How to Keep Her Interested

Some men think that keeping a woman interested can be a difficult thing to do. Women can be confusing, but most of them are similar in what they like. In all honesty, keeping women interested is pretty easy. You just have to know a little bit about what type of woman she is in order to grab and hold her attention. Don’t Tell Her Everything “Keep some secrets from her” Many men like to impress women by telling them everything they can about themselves. The reason for this is because a lot of men have been fooled into believing that if they are completely honest with a woman, it betters their chances of hooking up with them. The truth is that when you tell a woman too much about yourself early on, you end up making her lose interest in you. Women are naturally curious and they love playing detective. If she feels like there is no mysterious element of you to figure out, she will deem you as boring and will have no interest in hooking up with you. Instead of trying to impress women by showing her how much of an honest guy you can be, you should start holding back some information from her. You will have…


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