Why You’re Not Getting to Go Home with Her at the End of the Night

You’ve had a great conversation with her all night. She seems super into you, and you know you’re into her. But when the night winds down and everybody is getting ready to go home, she doesn’t want to hook up with you, and you end up parting ways. This can be a serious downer for you, especially if you thought things were going well. There are usually some very good reasons why you don’t get to hook up with a woman at the end of the conversation or at the end of the night. Knowing how to recognize the possible signs will help you be more successful in the future. You Made Her Uncomfortable “If she is not comfortable, she won’t go with you” Obviously, making a woman uncomfortable is not going to get you into her bed. Women can sometimes be very good at hiding when they are uncomfortable or creeped out, unfortunately for guys who want to hook up with them. Knowing how to spot signs that she’s uncomfortable will help you move on so you don’t waste your time. If she seems to have trouble meeting your eyes or if she seems impatient, these are usually fairly good signs that she is uncomfortable and wants to move…

Why Sex with Fat Women is Great

“She is ready to explore and impress” Having sex with a fat woman can give you some of the best sex you will ever have. Many men try to stay away from dating fat women because they are worried about what other people will say. However, if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t care what society has to say about the type of people you date, you will quickly discover why dating fat women is a fantastic idea. They Are More Willing to Experiment There’s just something about fat women that sets them apart from other women, and it has nothing to do with their weight. Sex with fat women is great because most of them are more willing to experiment with you when it comes to sex. Slim and athletic women know that they look good, and they want to always look good even when they are having sex. Fat women are aware that society has negative views of their appearance, so they won’t care as much about being beautiful while the two of you are having sex. This means that they will be more than willing to try new sexual conquests with you. Another great thing about fat women and sexual experimenting is that they are soft.…

Three Things You Can Do to Keep a Friends with Benefits Relationship Strong

Friends with benefits can be the most satisfying casual relationship that you can have. You have easy, often adventurous sex on demand and you still get to be friends with her the rest of the time. However, when these relationships go bad (usually because one party starts getting feelings the other doesn’t return) they can go really bad. If you want to keep your friend with benefits relationship strong then you have to invest in it. Here’s how you can do that. Encourage Her to See Other People This might be counter intuitive, but the first sign that a man is getting feelings for a woman is that he doesn’t want any other men to have her. This is just a casual thing that you and she have going. It could almost just be a game of some sort. It’s not serious and you’re not going to let it control your life. You should encourage her to date if she wants a serious relationship (so long as that doesn’t mean she’s going to end the benefits right away) and be fine if she wants to have other casual flings. You don’t always have the time to satisfy her every beck and call. You do have a life. Besides, if she…

How to Use a Vibrator on Her During Sex

If you want to take your hookup to the next level, get a mild vibrator. You can easily get a cheap one, and from there the possibilities are endless. The advantages of a cheap vibrator are that it doesn’t pack enough of a punch that you have to worry about making things too intense. If you’re at a loss for how to pleasure her with a vibrator, these suggestions will take her to the next level and keep her coming back for more. Use Short Pulses over Nipples and Lips If you want to turn her on you don’t even have to go straight to the vagina or clit. Vibrators are great as foreplay tools. She’ll get hotter and wetter than ever, and you won’t have to expend a lot of energy getting her that way. It’s a win-win situation. When you’re using the vibrator as a foreplay technique, you can apply it to her lips first, lightly, for a stimulating kiss. For you, seeing her with a phallus so close to her mouth has got to be good. You can keep the burst short and energetic, and the touch light to make it exciting instead of overpowering. Applying the vibrator to her nipples (through a shirt works as well,…

A Guide to Fisting

Fisting is obviously a fairly extreme sex act that involves a lot of trust and a lot of patience. It’s not always easy to know how to get a woman in to the idea of fisting, much less knowing how to actually do it. It’s not exactly something you can do right off of the bat, so you need to know how to do it properly. While fisting does take some time and effort, it will definitely be worth it in the end, at least so that you can say you tried it out. Of course it is important to know how to fist properly so that you can make the experience as good as possible for all parties involved. Take It Slow “Have patience” The important thing about fisting is that you always need to take it slow. Fisting is not something to rush, so if you’re particularly impatient then you need to decide on something else to try. It’s important to prepare her very carefully and go slowly. Fisting is almost like a sport that you have to practice for. You need to make sure that she is prepared properly, or else you’re not going to get anywhere. Take it slow and start out with a few fingers…


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