What Women Look for in a One Night Stand

It’s fairly easy for you to figure out what you want out of a one night stand. After all, you’re the one going out and picking up women based on what you want. You want an attractive woman who might be willing to get a bit freaky in bed, and definitely a woman who has no qualms with hooking up with someone she just met. This seems simple enough. However, women have their own standards when it comes to choosing who to hook up with. Knowing what a woman looks for when she wants to have a one night stand will help you be more appealing to a wider range of women. She Wants You to Be Trustworthy “Trust is the key to happiness” It is important that a woman views you as being trustworthy. This is probably so far removed from your mind when you go to pick up women that it may be mindboggling that women consider this at all. If it seems that odd to you, just think about it. She’s choosing to go home with a guy she barely knows. That requires a big level of trust. It’s important that you make her feel at ease when you try to hook up with her. She has…

What to Do When She’s Self Conscious

You might think that girls have it easy when they want to hook up or have a one night stand, but the truth is that they often face just as many issues as guys do when they want to hook up. Sure, it’s easier for her to find someone to hook up with, but she may have all sorts of hang ups and insecurities that make it difficult for her to hit the scene. Knowing what to do when the girl you’re interested in is self-conscious will help you treat all of the women that you hook up with better and it can definitely improve your game with confident women, too. Make Her Feel at Ease “Make her comfortable as much as you can” It’s important to make a self-conscious girl feel good about herself, and she can’t do that if she isn’t comfortable. You need to be able to make her feel at ease with you and with herself so that she will open up to you and be more confident. Make sure that she is relaxed and comfortable whenever you talk to her. Go out of your way to do the things that she likes and make sure that you do not bring up any uncomfortable subjects. It…

Three Ways to Boost Your Odds of a Threeway

A three way is high on the list for most popular fantasy. Two women, one man, what could be better than that? If you feel like you’d love to see your girlfriend in the arms of another woman, then there are three things you can do that will dramatically raise your odds of turning this fantasy into a dream come true. Follow these and hope that you’ll get to be the envy of your friends and men worldwide. Consider an Open Relationship If you like the idea of seeing your girlfriend in a threeway, why not just have an open relationship altogether? You wouldn’t have to worry about the rules of a threeway, and you could see other people as well. If you want strangers in your sex life to be a regular thing, then you should consider asking your girlfriend to be open. The catch, of course, is that if you’re open then she’s open. If you wouldn’t be okay with her having another boyfriend (or steady girlfriend) outside of you, then you should just skip this conversation. It’s never going to go well if you want different rules for her than there are for you. Join a Kink Dating Site You have a better chance of getting a…


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