Ways to Be Able to Talk about Almost Anything

“Know how to carry conversations in relationships” Conversation is a hugely important aspect of the dating and hookup scene. You have to be able to hold a decent conversation with a woman in order to make a good connection with her, which is all important if you want to have a chance of going to bed with her. However, you might have trouble connecting with the women you want to hook up with. You may find that it’s difficult to find a common ground with her so that you can have an actual conversation. It might seem impossible to be able to have conversations with her about almost anything, but if you know how to manage it, it’s actually simpler than you might think. Never Try to Act like an Expert It’s important that you try not to pretend like you’re an expert on whatever subject you are discussing. Even if you’re an honest expert in the field, by some stroke of luck, you should still try to be humble and not act like you know everything. Women tend to find the know-it-all attitude incredibly annoying, and it tends to make it difficult to hold a conversation with her. Always be willing to admit that you don’t know everything, and…

Is Masturbation Ruining Your Chances with Women?

Masturbation is great. It feels great, and it’s good for your health. A regular session by yourself can boost your sensitivity and help your stamina. It’s really hard to write even a word against masturbation, but in the interest of bettering the lives of all men the question has to be asked: can masturbating too much actually stop you from getting a date with an actual woman? Urgency Sharpens Your Game When you haven’t gotten any sort of release in a while, you want it more. You’re on your game, so to speak. You’re working harder than you usually would. A lot of men use masturbation as a stress relief and a consolation prize. So you spent all night trying to close the deal with that hottie at the bar and you didn’t do it. She goes home alone and so do you, because it’s too late in the night to find a new girl. It’s easy to settle down in front of the computer and forget the night’s disappointments, but that’s not what you should do. You have to train yourself. Give it a try: you’re not allowed to masturbate until after you’ve next had sex. After the first few nights you’re going to be more charming, creative, and…

How to Guarantee a Hookup

The dating and hookup scene can be pretty rough at times, especially if you aren’t used to meeting women all the time and trying to convince them to have sex with you. You might find yourself losing hope too quickly because it seems too difficult to get a woman to want to hook up with you. Losing hope like this can make things much more difficult than they need to be. There are certain steps you can take to greatly increase your chances of getting a hookup, though they may seem strange or even unlikely to you. Follow these steps and you might be surprised by how well they work out. Assert Yourself in Her Personal Space “That’s how you can go far with her” Its important that a woman knows you’re interested in her, and there’s little better way to do this than to make yourself known physically. Of course, we aren’t recommending that you start groping her right away, or anything too intense like that. No, you just need to get into her personal bubble so that she is more aware of you than normal. Get close to her, and trail your fingers across her hand if you can get away with it. Pat her arm or accidentally…

How to Get Laid Quickly

“Impressing her will make you successful” Getting laid quickly is easy. All you really have to do is make a woman want you. You do this simply by charming her in ways that most men fall flat on. The best of this is that charming women is actually pretty easy. All it takes it confidence and sense of humor. Say the Right Things “Saying the right things will make her interested” More often than not, men blow their chances with women by saying something that turns them off completely. If a woman is attracted to you, she already wants to have sex with you. This means that you have passed your first test, which is grabbing her attention. The second test you will have to test is the communication test. Though there are a few women who couldn’t care less what you say or what type of personality you have, most women actually do care about those things. In fact, most of them care about them enough where they will decide not to have sex with you if they don’t like your personality, or the things that you say when speaking with them. Whether you’re messaging a woman on a sex dating site, or you’re talking to her at a…


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