How to Write a Profile that Turns Her On

Writing a profile that turns women on can definitely be tricky. Some men tend to think that writing about how great they are at sex is the best way to go. However, when it comes to turning women on, talking about sex can actually be a huge mistake. Unlike men, women don’t need to talk about sex to get excited. They need to be mentally stimulated. Be Mysterious “Try to be a mystery to her” Women do not want men who like to boast and brag about how great they are in bed. In fact, most women think that guys who brag about how good they are at satisfying women are usually pretty bad in bed. Women are naturally nosy, so when you are entirely upfront with her, she quickly loses interest in you. If you want a woman to keep hanging onto your every word, you have to make sure that your profile has a mysterious element to it. If a woman can’t tell what type of guy you are, it makes her curious enough to want to find out. When you are writing your profile, don’t focus too much on sex. If every other paragraph is about how much you love having sex, women will think that you…

How to Keep Her Interested

Some men think that keeping a woman interested can be a difficult thing to do. Women can be confusing, but most of them are similar in what they like. In all honesty, keeping women interested is pretty easy. You just have to know a little bit about what type of woman she is in order to grab and hold her attention. Don’t Tell Her Everything “Keep some secrets from her” Many men like to impress women by telling them everything they can about themselves. The reason for this is because a lot of men have been fooled into believing that if they are completely honest with a woman, it betters their chances of hooking up with them. The truth is that when you tell a woman too much about yourself early on, you end up making her lose interest in you. Women are naturally curious and they love playing detective. If she feels like there is no mysterious element of you to figure out, she will deem you as boring and will have no interest in hooking up with you. Instead of trying to impress women by showing her how much of an honest guy you can be, you should start holding back some information from her. You will have…

Getting with Older Women

“You will have the ultimate experience” Hooking up with older women can be exciting. There are several different types of older women out there, and not all of them are worth your time. Before you start fooling around with older women, make sure you know how to spot ones that may end up troublesome for you. Which Do You Prefer? When there comes to hooking up with older women, there are many different types. However, there are two types of older women that you will probably notice much more than other of types. The first woman is what many men like to call a, ‘Sugar Mama.’ These women love younger men, and they love spoiling them even more. There are some men out there who end up getting brand new gaming systems, clothes, and even their student loans paid on all by their sugar mamas. While the thought of a sugar mama may sound great (and many times, it is), they also come with their disadvantages. Many sugar mamas enjoy treating you like a child. She may get you everything you desire, but you are usually never allowed to question her, argue against her, or tell her no without the threat of her never giving you any more money. Some…


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#3 Website: SocialSex
#4 Website: xHookups
#5 Website: SexFinder


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